Project Management

JSG provides quality project management by assisting its clients with planning, vendor selection, scheduling, and other issues that might arise. Program management solutions are customized to the client’s specifications and focus is given to ensuring that activities are carried out in accordance with established specifications, schedules, and budgetary considerations. Special attention is given to the coordination interdepartmental functions to minimize delays and optimize all project communication.

General Construction/ Heavy Civil Construction Management
JSG construction management is viewed as a professional management practice that consists of a variety of services applied to each construction project or program. JSG team members meet with project team members on a regular basis to review project status and plan future actions. We specialize in managing our clients risk exposure. We have extensive experience in navigating regulatory issues and streamlining administration process. JSG prides itself on project track-record of managing projects that are complete, within project scope and budget with a superior safety record.  JSG has more than 28 years of on-staff experience working in the Heavy Civil Construction industry. This level of expertise and ability to successfully manage large projects offers JSG an competitive advantage as it relates to "turn-key" project management operations.


Disposal Area Management Program (DAMP)
JSG's DAMP maximizes the capacity and extent of the useful life of confined disposal areas. The DAMP minimizes the need for acquiring large tracts of land on which to construct new sites.  This is critical because large tracts of land are limited in availability and reasonable proximity to the channel they serve, and are increasingly expensive to acquire, often environmentally contentious, and difficult to permit.  The DAMP promotes good stewardship of limited land and public resources by keeping sites drained and cleared, eliminating or reducing the presence of unwanted rodents and trash, and preventing the disposal of hazardous materials.  And, incorporating environmentally beneficial uses of dredged material also help stabilize shorelines, create bird habitats and enhance coastal marshes.